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Sooner or later, car owners are faced with a situation where they hide the iron “horse” under the roof. Extreme temperatures, severe winters, rain and prolonged parking in the scorching sun have an extremely detrimental effect on the condition of the paint and plastic elements inside. In terms of theft security, this topic is also relevant. Therefore, we are going to consider the choices that you’ll be able to stay in a garage or carport, what’s their fundamental difference, advantages and downsides.

Difference between garage and carport

The difference between the two structures is colossally different, they only have one task in common: protecting the car from the effects of the weather. The garage is a separate building, which can also be an extension of the house. The garage is equipped, as a rule, with electricity, ventilation system, heating, less often water supply and sewage.

The listed communications allow not only to store the vehicle in comfortable condition, but also to carry out repairs and maintenance, regardless of the time of day and time of year. Generally, a garage is built with bricks, concrete blocks, or other similar materials; sheet metal assembly buildings are less common.

The carport, in turn, has a simple structure consisting of at least 4 posts and a roof. It can be metal brackets and stretched mesh, a precast wooden frame, or a full metal “builder”. This is a simple and inexpensive option, and the car’s ventilation is provided naturally.


A carport is an excellent structure for patios with a small area, as it is a through span, or is generally used as an extension to the garage.

Advantages and disadvantages of a carport

If you decide to prepare a place for storing a car under a carport, study the following advantages of such a building:

  • relatively low construction cost;
  • ease of installation and quick disassembly capabilities;
  • good protection against the sun and hail;
  • the possibility of choosing a carport for the design of the house, using metal, wood or combining these materials;
  • easy access to the car, so getting in and out of the car is not difficult;
  • you can wash your car directly under the shed;
  • lengthens and expands easily;
  • can be used as a gazebo.

But do not consider the following disadvantages:

  • the vehicle cannot be completely protected from external influences;
  • access to intruders is open;
  • the wooden frame requires constant processing, and the metal frame must be painted with high-quality paint to prevent corrosion, and the paint must be renewed every few years;
  • under a carport, nothing can be stored;
  • cold weather auto repair will be uncomfortable.
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Advantages and disadvantages of a garage.

The following advantages are sure to help you start building a garage:

  • it has a closed room that can full protects the car at any time of the year;
  • access to the car for intruders is as difficult as possible, especially if you have installed an alarm door;
  • it is possible to store things, car tires, in addition, you can dig a trench under the basement;
  • in a heated garage, the car starts in winter without problems.

Consider the downsides:

  • Relatively expensive “pleasure”, starting with ordering a project, purchasing materials and also the construction process;
  • it’s necessary to properly calculate the ventilation, equip with heating;
  • we take up more space;
  • in winter, if the garage is not insulated, condensation occurs, which contributes to the formation of corrosion in the car;
  • The garage is difficult to disassemble and move to another location.
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Which one is better to choose?

Having studied the advantages and disadvantages of a carport and garage, you can decide on the expediency of building a structure. If the territory of your site allows you to build a garage, and there is still space, then the addition of a carport will double the dignity of the building, because you can place two cars, or before entering the garage, remove dirt or snow from the car without problems.

Naturally, it is necessary to think in advance about the economic component, as well as the willingness to “sacrifice” extra square meters of land in favor of the garage, where many things can be stored, as well as conservation and other things.

If you use a car every day (the garage is easier and more comfortable, if you use transport less often, you often have to go out for a long time), garage will be the safest and right solution for the safety of your car.

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In conclusion, we are able to say that the development of this or that structure, in addition to logically explainable reasons, lies within the personal preference of the owner. Today, a garage can be built in such a way that its cost is comparable to the cost of a forged garage. Always weigh the pros and cons so that future construction brings you benefits and aesthetic pleasure. Consult a local carport builder for an additional expert advice and assistance.

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