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How to choose a good Real Estate Agent?

Buying or selling a property is a task that requires a long, complex and in some cases complicated process. Therefore, and to streamline procedures, reduce time and ensure the sale, many people choose to choose a real estate agent.

However, choosing a decent real estate consultant isn’t easy. Although this figure is fundamental in the real estate sector, choosing the best real estate agent is key in the processes of buying and selling a property. Therefore, we are going to tell you some of the characteristics that distinguish a good real estate agent from a bad one.

1. Confidence and professional experience.

The first thing we must take into account when buying or selling a property is the trust that the real estate agent can generate in us. Whether you want to buy or sell, the most important aspect of the real estate process is being satisfied with the end result.

This, which initially seems simple, is not so simple and is because the result and the success of the buyer or seller is composed of multiple factors, having a good price according to the market, choosing the right client and selling in a reasonable time, among other factors.

However, the easiest way to achieve all of the above is to choose a real estate agent to sell your property. The question is simple, how? Before we talked about the importance of trust, and this is necessary to choose the best Real Estate that will help us achieve our goals.

real estate agent

Most people choose a real estate agency to buy or sell a property, because it is a very important operation in our lives, and it is best to seek advice from an expert in real estate operations. We must NOT fall into the trap of thinking that an Agency or a Real Estate Advisor is a simple intermediary.

Choosing the most effective real estate agent consists of searching for someone who protects our interests, who gives us the required confidence, who shares our values and who helps us in one of the foremost important transactions of our life. Therefore, we must feel safe with the decision made.

We must consider the professional experience of the real estate agent as an important point. An agent that has a lot of experience usually has qualified and highly trained professionals in charge, being able to offer you the personalized advice you are looking for.

The real estate agent must know the area perfectly, must know what is for sale, the latest properties that have been sold in the area in question, what are the prices that move in the surroundings, and what problems There may be. For example, if we are looking for a house in Mayfield, we will have a real estate agent who is a specialist in the real estate sector in Newcastle.

2. Real valuation of the property.

Properties that are priced above the market take longer to sell and, in the end, end up selling for less than what should have been sold from the beginning of their commercialization.

buy or sell house

In these difficult times we live in, the last thing we need is to be fooled at some point. As for example, in the real price that the properties may have.

Inexperienced or unprofessional real estate agents will often try to get sales leads by telling their clients that they may ask for a very high and unrealistic price. With the wrong price expectations, you will only be able to have the property PERMANENTLY FOR SALE.

The best real estate agent is the one who will tell us the truth … and not only that, but will also be able to prove the truth by providing verified data.

3. Cost and quality of the service.

The price is also important, the fees will range between 3% and 5% approximately. Based on experience, these costs may be higher; Keep in mind that you are paying for a qualified professional who can advise you throughout the buying and selling process.

real estate agent in Newcastle

Cheap is expensive: a real estate agent who charges lower fees cannot invest as many resources in your property, cannot afford preferential advertising space, education and training courses, personalized marketing plans, etc.

4. The service is under contracts.

This leads to the owner and the real estate agent signing authorization contracts under the modality of: exclusivity and without exclusivity. Where the real estate agent is assigned functions regarding the sale of the property, and the owner is assigned a payment for fees for the sale of the property.

5. Real Estate Marketing Plan.

Today the job of a real estate agent is not an easy task, and it is important to know how you are going to achieve your goals of selling or renting the property at the best price and in the shortest time.

Thanks to the potential of the internet, buyers can be found in countries as far away as Japan or Germany. Therefore, it is necessary to put our property up for sale with an agency or real estate agent that is capable of making a marketing plan based on the characteristics of our property (size, price and location), so that it is seen in all channels possible (Internet, posters, specialized portals, social networks, etc.).

We hope that this information can help you make the right decision when entrusting your property to a professional in our sector. DO NOT hesitate to contact us if you need personalized real estate advice … Work with 100% qualified and trained professionals! Contact Chris Arnold Real Estate today!

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