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Roof restoration best advantages

All roof restoration systems require regular inspections and preventative maintenance, as their deterioration is inevitable over time. Without proper attention, anomalies that seem minor can worsen and cause leaks causing damage and even lead to costly repairs and, in the extreme, causing the roof to be replaced prematurely.

The situation does not have to unfold like this thanks to the option of roof restoration. Roof restoration is a proactive economic process that extends the life of multi-layer roofs (applied cold or hot ), modified bitumen , ply or metal . According to laboratory analyzes, a Roof restoration improves the performance of the existing roof and its components by making it possible to identify and repair faults in addition to providing a new surface coating to ensure long-term waterproofing.

Roof restoration is specialty

Roofing and Building Envelope Division has maintained good roofs in good condition. In our experience, restoration can greatly extend the useful life of a roof and delay its replacement by several years.

A Roof restoration offers several advantages

It is much less expensive than replacing a roof with an equivalent system and it improves the value of your roof by protecting your investment. It causes little disturbance for people using the building since no existing membrane is removed or in extreme cases, only small sections of it. 

In addition, by using cold Roof restoration processes, emitting little odor and without risk of fire, the Roof restorations do not cause any harmful emanation and thus dissipate the concerns of the occupants of the building in terms of health relative to the work carried out. The restoration process can often be repeated to maximize the life of the roof as much as possible. 

To finish, Depending on the type of roof to be restored, all our systems can be used: BURmastic roofing system applied cold or THERMastic applied hot , modified bitumen POWERply , TremLock metal roofing , a range of single -layer systems or coatings and systems state-of-the- art liquid application roofing offered by Republic Restoration Systems of Tremco, Roofing and Building Envelope Division .

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