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Details to keep in mind when selling pink diamonds

Selling pink diamonds can be a complicated task when all the related aspects are unknown. For the owner of pink diamonds, unanswered questions are frequent.

How are pink diamonds sold? How much is the correct sale price? What companies to go? In case of considering selling wholesale pink diamonds, the following guidelines will offer valuable information to achieve a successful sales process

The sale of wholesale pink diamonds can seem like a quick way to get money. The reasons are varied: an inheritance, the rupture in a relationship and the desire to get rid of that memory, an economic crisis …

However, in any circumstance, it is necessary a precise knowledge of the jewel that is going to be put on the market to avoid receiving a much lower amount than expected or even lower than the market price.

wholesale pink diamonds

Some details to consider before selling pink diamonds

Before even considering the idea of selling any piece that you own, you must always keep in mind that there are some fundamental differences between diamonds and those called bright pink diamonds, and they are not only of semantic nature.

For the experts, it may seem obvious, but it is necessary to point it out to possible doubts. A pink diamonds is called brightly applying a carving style as such: the brilliant cut.

This type of size is the most used for its excellent use of rough diamonds and its optical performance to optimize the brightness and fire of the stone.

There are several forms within this size (oval, pear, heart), but there are also other styles in the so-called fantasy size category (emerald, princess, marquise, radiant, etc.).

To avoid confusion, you can resort to calling pink diamonds brilliant carved in that style, and other cases specify the name that corresponds, for example, pink diamonds emerald cut.

Also, it is convenient to differentiate between selling loose pink diamonds and selling pink diamonds in jewelry, since the benefit can vary significantly depending on the case.

Selling loose diamonds is not the same as selling jewelry with pink diamonds, as in a pendant or earrings. Whenever the piece is linked to a jewel, as it could be in the case of selling a ring with pink diamonds, we must also pay attention to the material it accompanies, its manufacturing characteristics and the added value that this may imply.

wholesale pink diamonds

Certificate of quality and economic valuation

Weight, purity, colour and size. These qualities will be those that indicate the quality of the piece. They are perfectly detailed in the diamonds quality certificate, a document that plays a very important role in buying and selling, thanks to it, we know the approximate value and avoid a bad play. Selling, certified pink diamonds are always the best option.

If you do not already have one, it is highly recommended to obtain a certificate through a specialized company or organization. Such would be the case of the Gemological Institute (GE) the organization with the highest international prestige in the certification of pink diamonds and coloured stones.

However, this certificate does not give direct information about the price of the diamonds but the necessary report, issued rigorously and impartially, to know its price in the market.

For this, you must go to a specialist in jewelry appraisal that matters a valuation according to the market in which it is intended to sell the diamonds, generally the market of professionals or wholesalers, since this offers the best liquidity.

On the other hand, it is advisable that both the entity that carries out the certificate and the professional doing the appraisal be exempt from the sale process. The impartiality of these parts is fundamental to avoid any influence on the variation of economic valuation and to reduce the sum of our jewel.

What to expect from an old pink diamonds?

The antiquity of pink diamonds jewelry is another piece of information to add to the list. The higher the age, the higher the benefit that can be obtained from it, as long as it meets optimal characteristics.

Due to the craftsmanship that it presents or its historical importance in some cases, these copies attract more attention from collectors who are usually willing to pay a large sum for the piece.

However, selling old diamonds can also be a problem if you are looking for maximum performance. Many diamonds, due to their coarseness due to the old size and the need for a new finish, reduce their economic value considerably.

In the case of a new re-tiling process, it is worth mentioning the substantial loss of material, which implies the reduction of the total size and, hence, the price.

wholesale pink diamonds

The role of companies or professionals skilled in pink diamonds

It is essential to know who to contact; you cannot go lightly to the nearest jewelry no matter how much hurry you have. The sale to a professional brings very positive benefits since they will make a careful assessment before proceeding with the purchase and will read your certificate with more considerable attention.

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