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Bluetooth Based Home Automation System

Wireless technologies for Home Automation are becoming more popular all over the world and consumers appreciate this wireless lifestyle which brings us more convenience, security and safety.

Technology is a never ending process. Being able to design a product using existing home automation technology to benefit the lives of others contributes to the community.

home automation

Implementing home automation using the latest technology

Gives us the well-known “cable chaos” that comes to an end under their desk. Now with Bluetooth technology embedded, digital devices are a network where the appliances and devices can communicate with each other. Today, home automation is one of the main applications of Bluetooth technology.

The affordability of smart cars will increase every year and smart emails have begun to play an important role in our daily lives due to their size and portability. Google’s Android operating system is one of the best and favorite smartphones. 

Using a home appliance using an Android phone gives users the ability to control their home appliances anywhere and anytime at home and saves time spent searching the remote control units of automation systems since the user’s phone is usually kept close at hand.

Feasycom is focusing on research and development of IoT (internet of things) products, including Bluetooth Modules, Wifi Modules, BT + Wifi Module, Bluetooth Beacon and Gateway etc. 

With more than 10 years experience in wireless connectivity, home automation which ensures our ability to deliver low-risk product development, reduce system integration costs and shorten product customization cycles for thousands of different customers across the globe. deep.

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