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Construction Certificate: Who can best ask for it?

The construction certificate and its benefits for the client

Construction is a conglomerate of activities ranging from the building itself to the extraction of raw materials that are later used for construction purposes. A construction certificate allows us to guarantee the quality of both the materials and the construction company.


The certificate of legality certifies that there is a major work license that covers what you want to request. It is normally requested to modify the registration of the building or house in the Property Registry.

Roles and Responsibilities of Architect in Construction

Keep in mind that:

  • An application can include one or more homes on the same farm and, in this case, only one certificate is made.
  • In the case of different farms, even if the applicant is the same, a certificate must be requested for each farm.

What can you do?

You can complete the procedure online: fill in the application form, attach the necessary documentation, and submit.

The form will ask you to identify yourself with a digital certificate and to use the electronic signature to present the request in the electronic registry. Consult the list of digital certificates accepted in this portal and the technical components that the electronic signature requires.
  1. Fill the form.
  2. Attach the files or files of the documentation necessary for the process. Check the conditions that electronic documents have to meet to be accepted on this portal and how to generate them.
  3. Confirm the data and sign the application to present it in the telematic registry


  • Subsequently, the managing department will contact the applicant to collect the report and the settlement of the urban service provision fee.


Remember that you must have the documentation prepared in files or files to attach it to the form.

To complete the procedure it is necessary to provide this documentation:

  • Building work permit for the property


The certificate is issued within a maximum period of 6 months from the application date.


Little by little, sustainable architecture has ceased to be a fad to become a reality in our cities. It is increasingly common to talk about sustainable buildings and we cannot deny that the future of our cities and also of the planet in general, goes through betting on this type of construction certificate with sustainability certificates. But what is sustainable architecture and sustainable buildings?

Sustainable architecture is that which takes into account the environment and values ​​the efficiency of the materials used, the construction process, and in general the entire life cycle of the building, such as the use that will be given to it or the construction certificate. impact it will have on the environment. In the same way, a building with a sustainability certificate construction certificate is one that integrates a series of specific techniques and strategies during its construction and throughout its useful life.

What must we take into account to build a sustainable building?

What are the risks of modern methods of construction?
  • Study of the environment and location: It is important to take into account the climate of the area -humidity, solar radiation, winds- as it can be a determining factor when constructing the building.
  • Use of materials with a low environmental impact: These types of materials have a long life, do not pollute, consume little energy during their life cycle, and come from construction certificate renewable sources. An example would be wood or cellulose.
  • Energy efficiency: Sustainable buildings minimize the use of conventional energies and this is achieved thanks to good thermal insulation or a good orientation of the building, among other measures.
  • Building Inspection: These elements abound especially in sustainable buildings. In addition to having endless benefits for the environment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us .

Joan Padilla

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